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We aim to provide the highest quality family health care for our patients in the town of Duns and the Berwickshire area. Our team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff are dedicated to offering a modern, friendly and professional service.

This website will help us to keep you up-to-date with news and information about our practice and wider health matters. Please have a look around and send us some feedback if you wish. We can use your ideas to improve our services and further develop the content of this site.


UPDATE |Monday 18 January 2021

NHS Borders have been considering the patient feedback that we have received to date, and have been working with the GP Partners of Duns Medical Group, neighbouring GP Practices and local GP representatives to consider the options for future provision of primary care (GP) services to patients.  

This follows the information shared with patients in December 2020 that GP Partners Dr Simon McCann and Dr Fiona Megahy are retiring from Practice on 31 March 2021.

On 28 January 2021 an ‘option appraisal’ meeting to consider the options available will take place.

An option appraisal is a standard process we use to choose between a range of possible options. By following this process we can give stakeholders assurance that the strengths, weaknesses, risks and issues of a range of different options have been fully considered to identify a preferred option.

Here is a summary of the options, in no particular order, that will be considered:

  • Any tenders that are received as part of the current tender process. This means any GPs who come forward expressing an interest in taking on the Practice as a ‘going concern’ from the existing premises. Each tender received will be considered as a separate option.
  • The allocation of patients to another GP practice as close to home as possible.
  • NHS Borders operates the Practice from the existing premises as what is known as a ‘2C’ Practice. This means that NHS Borders manage the Practice and are responsible for finding GPs to work in it.

 A small number of you have been in touch with us to tell us how you feel about this situation. Your feedback has been recorded and the themes emerging are focussed on: 

  • Concerns about continuity of care
  • Concerns about the need to travel to a different practice
  • Not wanting to be transferred to another practice

 Should you have any additional views or concerns that you would like us to feed into the options appraisal process, please get in touch by Monday 25 January 2021;

By completing our online feedback form

By phoning: 0800 731 4052 (free of charge) – you may need to leave a message

By email to:

By post to: Public Involvement, Education Centre, Borders General Hospital, Melrose, TD6 9BS.

The option appraisal meeting will have 12 voting members, including: 3 patient representatives, 1 member of NHS Borders Public Partnership Forum, 3 GPs, 1 Community Pharmacist, 1 Scottish Borders Council representative and 3 NHS Borders representatives.  The meeting will be held virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions.

If you would like to participate in the meeting as one of the three patient representatives then please email us at or phone 0800 731 4052 – you may need to leave a message.

Please let us know your age, whose views you would represent at the meeting (eg you, your family, a community group that you belong to) and how long you have been a patient at Duns Medical Group.

You must be available between 9am and 1pm on Thursday 28 January 2021 and have access to Microsoft Teams.

Best wishes,

Chris Myers

General Manager, Primary and Community Services

NHS Borders

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(Site updated 18/01/2021)
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